CISCO 3825 is basically a wireless router and its configuration is relatively simple. Following are some basic things about the configuration of this router that users should know about –

Find the LAN IP Address of CISCO 3825 – This is the router’s internal IP address and when you decide to configure the router, this is the address you need to connect to. The external IP address would be provided to you by your ISP. Common internal IPs include
192.168.l.l, and The best options to go for are and 192.168.l.l because they end with ‘1’ and it is just easier to remember. Plus, they are ideal for CISCO 3825.

Login and Configure LAN IP – Just login to your router and go to the setup page. This is the page where you will see most configuration settings. Click on ‘LAN Setup’ near IP tab and change the IP address to 192.168.l.l. The DHCP server would be enabled by default and you should keep it at that. Always make sure that you have the Subnet Mask is set at

When you change your LAN IP address to something else again, the router will restart and your internet connection would be lost for a moment. Allow the router to reboot. Depending on your computer, you might have to let the system reboot as well for the changes to take effect.